Club Coaches

At Impact we understand that all players have different capacity of learning.  Our coaches understand the importance of building a strong skill foundation. This is why we bring in a large roster of knowledgeable and experienced coaches who buys in to our process of teaching to help make our teams mentally strong.


Coach List

18s Black:  Rey Castillo - Club Director

18s National/Regional:  Lauren Saelens  

18s Regional:  Carrie Lehocky

18s Club:  Tom Doherty 

16s National:  Amy VanderStoep

16s National/Regional:  Jess Ziccarello

16s Regional:  Kenzie Branderhorst

16s Black:  Abby Miedema

16s White:  Megan Peters & Kenzie Sanders

16s Red:  Erin Jelke 

15s National:  Rachel Arntson

15s Regional:  Amanda Bremer

15s Black:  Laura Hamacher

15s White:  Nancy Gibson

15s Red:  Ashley Platt

14s National:  Kelly Hevelhurst - Program Coordinator

14s Regional:  Eleanor Parks

14s Black:  Katie MacDonald

14s White:  Ellie VanLaar

14s Red:  Laura Williams

14s Green:  Scott Miller

14s Lkshore:  Tom Doherty

13s Black:  Keilahna Castillo

13s White:  Steph Chenlo

13s Red:  Joslyn Johnson

13s Green:  Jenna Vanderlaan & Ryann Stutz

12s Black:  Jason Palmitier

12s White:  Allison Parks

Floating Coach:

Kielley Lemkuil